Gregory Is Out On Bond! Join Us For Jazz For Justice On Nov 12

Posted by Ad Hoc Committee for Reason and Dropping the Charges | Announcement | Monday 25 October 2010 11:35 am

We have exciting news!  The Appellate Court of Illinois has granted Gregory Koger’s motion for bond pending appeal, and Gregory was released from the Cook County Jail! In accepting the motion, the Court acknowledges the fact that Gregory is not a flight risk, that he is not a ‘danger to the community,’ and furthermore that his appeal raises substantial questions of law or fact “likely to result in reversal or a new trial.”

Jed Stone, who is representing Gregory on the appeal, said, “I am encouraged by the court’s decision to release Greg on bond.  It is a clear indication that his appeal has merit.  This appeal speaks to the importance of people to gather in protest.  It is an appeal to protect our rights to videotape and speak out.  And it is an appeal to protect us from police aggression and over reaching.  I look forward to presenting these claims to the appellate court.”

This is the first step in overturning this outrageous conviction, and we thank all of you whose support helped make it happen.  We have much more to do, and we hope we can count on your support all the way to the day we can clear Gregory’s name and score a victory for all of us!

We hope you’ll join us on the evening of Friday, November 12, when we will celebrate this first step and raise much needed funds to continue the effort.  We are thrilled that jazz musicians, drummer Ted Sirota ( and cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm (, will perform at what promises to be a unique musical event.  Some of you may recall that Ted dedicated a song to Gregory when he performed last month at the Chicago Jazz Festival.  See you then!

Humanists for the Ethical Treatment of Gregory Koger present…

Jazz for Justice

. . .featuring Ted Sirota and Fred Lonberg-Holm

Ad Hoc Committee for Reason Benefit Concert for the Gregory Koger Fund for the Appeal of His Outrageous Conviction for “Crimes” That Never Occurred




1741 N. WESTERN AVENUE, CHICAGO 60647 at GRACE GALLERY • 312.593.4191

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